Full Round Seductive Breasts Will Make You Proud.  

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UFO Liquid Bra

P rice  (1 Set)   $49.00  Email for availablility

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  • Increases breast size instantaneously for a fuller look 

  • High-elasticity 

  • Safe liquid-sac

  • More pleasant feel

  • Wave massage effect 

  • Liquid in the sac produces vibrations while walking 

  • Prevents breasts from drooping; improves shape

  • Exclusively developed to push breasts up and center with protective and 

  • Perfume liquid-sac: first of its kind 

  • Vaporization speed of perfume is controlled, thus fragrance remains unaffected by washing and is effective for several months 

  • Ultra fresh anti-germ fabric available

  • Available in white, black, and beige colors


Try an UFO BRA and if you do not instantly change your looks, if you do not instantly change your mood, and if the bra is not as advertised, and if for any other reason you do not wish to keep it, just send it back and your entire purchase price, (minus 2.- for delivery charges), will be refunded to you within 24 hours, no questions asked. 

Discreet packing and delivery

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