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Number-one / Hndsome-Up  II / Handsome-Up Nobriefcase
The 3 main purposes of  this product are:

1) To enlarge the penis,  2) To prevent premature ejaculation  3) Erectile Dysfunction


HANDSOME UP II (no brief case)

This is the very best penile rigidity available on the market today. We guarantee our product to be safe and very effective. Using only the highest quality material and precise workmanship. We believe that HANDSOME UP II vacuum penis pump is the most comfortable, most simple to use and most of all, very effective in helping people who have lost the ability to have a normal erection due to diabetes and among of the causes.

Our unique and patented design makes HANDSOME UP II vacuum penis pump superior to  products that are on the market today. While other and most companies designed their products as one size fits all, we realize that a human penis is as unique as a finger print. It's never the same size and length.

We design our product with that principle. Our unique and patented interchangeable constrictor rings are designed into 2 parts, what we call ring and mouth. Each having only half the constriction power for ease in application, comfort, better seals, easy, and quick removal.

Our constrictor ring is much wider for more gripping area to avoid a cookie cutting effect, much like a tight rubber band around your wrist. We also rounded our constrictor ring and seals for superior in comfort and better sealing.

We supply your penis pump set with six different sizes of constrictor rings which can be made into plenty combinations for a superior tailor fit for all sizes and shapes. All color coded for easy use. Our vacuum hand gun is light and small yet never misses a beat. Our cylinder comes with a very accurate vacuum gauge and a quick vacuum release.

We guarantee our product to be the easiest to use and yet produce the hardiest, longest, biggest erection. We guarantee our product to be free from any defect or we will replace it free.

Your HANDSOME UP II comes with the following parts:

1 operational video cd

1 clear polly carbonate cylinder

1 loader (placed inside the cylinder)

1 vacuum gauge

1 vacuum hand gun

1 bottle of bath powder

1 bottle of lubricant

6 different sizes of ring and mouth also known as constrictor rings with different colors

1 operating instructions booklet

HANDSOME UP II (no brief case)      PRICE $359.00    

ΕΙΔΙΚΗ ΤΙΜΗ ΜΟΝΟ 150.00            SPECIAL PRICE ONLY 150.00


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